Worldmaker to Co-host Resilience Symposium in Zimbabwe

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Over the past couple years, Worldmaker has partnered with Consolidated Africa Services (CAS – PVO) to build resilience in various sectors in Zimbabwe. Due to pandemic lockdowns, we shifted plans for an in-person summit to a virtual international resilience summit that was broadcast on ZimTV.

This month, we will be working alongside CAS – PVO on the ground and co-hosting a Resilience Symposium in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

CAS – PVO works in a broad range of areas, including community mental health, youth building, entrepreneurship, environmental conservation and workplace mental health. This blog introduces how the THRIVE Resilience Model™ is being adapted to Zimbabwean needs and strengths through this partnership.

Collective Efforts to Destigmatize Mental Health & Increase Access to Support Services

Zimbabwe, with a population of over 15 million, has statistically high mental health needs with limited professional services. In 2017, Medicins Sans Frontiers reported that the entire country had a total of 20 registered clinical psychologists and nine mental health institutions. Limited health literacy and a heavy stigma surrounding mental health topics further impact the rate at which people seek help.

This is equivalent to just one clinical psychologist for every 750,000 people.

To bridge such drastic treatment gaps, CAS – PVO puts the Zimbabwean and African cultural focus on Ubuntu or togetherness at the center of its work and adopts a community mental health model in their interventions. Through a partnership with Rotary International and Rotary Action Group for Family Health and AIDS prevention, CAS – PVO is introducing community health days in marginalized communities to raise awareness and provide linkage to care for inhabitants.

CAS – PVO believes that empowering the community with knowledge (literacy) and resilience strategies (capacity building) is the first step towards enhancing the well-being of the nation through schools, prisons, health institutions and local communities. Together, our organizations are building on this strong foundation of community work and introducing evidence-based information and solutions to encourage help-seeking behaviors, self-help strategies and community resilience building.

Photo by CAS – PVO

Who Can Benefit? Who Should Benefit? Everyone.

Can we intentionally establish structures and a flow of daily activities to facilitate overall health and wellness?

From students to prisoners, does a person’s sleep, access to sunlight or positive social interactions each day really make a difference?

Would both teachers and students – wardens and prisoners – employers and employees – benefit from mental health and resilience education?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And so many, many more YESes.

Photo by Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

2022 Resilience Symposium

At the symposium in August 2022, CAS – PVO and Worldmaker are stepping into the next phase of exploring how the THRIVE framework can be integrated into the school systems, prison programs, workplaces, community grassroots and other sectors.

With a Level 1 THRIVE educator already in place in Zimbabwe and additional trainings ahead, resilience education will be delivered to various communities in Zimbabwe over time to assist in bridging the gaps, addressing mental health needs and growing resilience. These collaborative efforts will result in effective, relatable and enduring delivery of impactful capacity building.

Although these initiatives have progressed at a slower pace than initially planned, CAS – PVO and Worldmaker have continued to maneuver seemingly insurmountable odds and move this work forward together, reminding us of some essential truths:

Our world needs collaborative problem solving.
The time is now.
Getting started matters.
Taking the next best step, even if smaller than you like, is better than doing nothing at all.
We do indeed thrive together.

Support this Essential Mental Health and Resilience Work

If you would like to support this essential mental health and resilience work in Zimbabwe, donate here or press the button below and select the Zimbabwe Resilience Symposium campaign. All funds will go directly to symposium scholarships for participants who will make important contributions to this work. 

A $25 donation will cover a participant’s transportation and food costs while an additional $50 will provide lodging needed for national leadership participants to join us from the capital city of Harare.

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