Trauma Informed Recovery Conference

Worldmaker Participates in International Trauma Recovery Conference

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In March, Dr. Mollie Marti traveled to London to attend a Trauma Recovery conference at the Royal Society. The conference explored the latest advances in science and technology being used to help veterans in their rehabilitation and recovery from trauma. Experts examined the impact of trauma on mental and physical health and the application of innovative technologies and treatments to help individuals adapt to life-changing injuries.

The conference was hosted by the Royal Society in collaboration with the Invictus Games Foundation (IGF) as part of the Society’s Transforming our Future series which focuses on breakthroughs in science and technology and promoting the value of science by connecting academia, industry and government. The IGF is the charity behind the Invictus Games for wounded, injured or sick servicemen and women, serving or veteran, to use the power of sport in their recovery.

While in London, Marti also was an invited guest at a special event hosted by RAW (Reach all Women) in WAR, a charity that supports women human rights defenders working in areas of war and conflict around the world to help end the abuse and persecution against them. Run by a dedicated team of volunteers and with an international committee of prominent supporters, RAW presented its annual journalist award to BBC reporter, Alex Crawford.



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