Resiliency Tool: Who's in Your Pack

What’s Your Resiliency Plan

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Day to day it may not feel like it but you have been through harder challenges than this pandemic before and you came out the other end…. You dug deep into your resilience toolbox to overcome that;  what you did was unique to you. Take time to recognise that and to be grateful for those tools and lessons learnt. 

We all have ways of coping but we need more than that – we want to Thrive and to do so, we need a self care and resilience plan. We need to be mindful and intentional about it and to put it into practice to turn it into a habit.

Here, Bob shares his resilience and self care plan with us which is wonderfully insightful and leaves some great food for thought… Question; What is your selfcare plan and how does it enhance your wellbeing and as such resilience? 



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