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Welcome to a Fresh, New Month – June Newsletter

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June — while we are preparing for more challenges as we find our way through a global pandemic and champion for peace and justice for all, know that we’re also dedicated to seeing the opportunities for growth that you bring.

When facing increased demands, we can keep our focus on:

  1. Bolstering our connections and resources.
  2. Managing our perception of what’s being required as we break down tasks into manageable pieces.
  3. Expanding our sense that we have what we need to take the next wise action (and yes, small steps count).

Worldmaker has opened a virtual THRIVE Coffee House to support you with these important aspects of resilience.

This Month’s Featured Resources:

Friday Coffee House Chats: An extraordinary community has been gathering for regular chats. Our goal is to create a space for you to get what you need and give what you can. The doors are open to all — from regulars to those who pop by as schedules allow. Join us for conversation, resources and guided wellness practices. Register once and stop by any time! 

Featured Resources

Youth Builders:

Helping Youth Thrive: Understanding Resilience and Why It Matters (in partnership with global learning company Pearson’s Connections Academy)

Living Alongside COVID-19 with Dr. Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy and author of Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs

Crisis Leadership with General Jeff Buchanan (US Army, Ret) and crisis responder Bob VandePol 

Five Success Principles That Matter More than Ever with Bob Burg, co-author of the bestselling The Go-Giver series 

Thriving through Crisis with Tessy Antony de Nassau, formerly Princess Tessy of Luxembourg

Sayings such as “we’ll get through this together” can begin to feel trite, especially if overused without authentic conviction. Yet, this is not a time to let yourself get jaded. 

Be proactive in finding ways to renew your energy and your hope as you reconnect to this kernel of truth:  We need each other to survive — and we thrive together. 

Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


Honoring a decade of work with deep roots and strong wings.

As a community resiliency project and national nonprofit building strength across America before, during and after traumatic disruptions, we planted deep roots.

Stepping forward to meet humanitarian needs without borders, we grew strong wings.

We now invite you to JOIN US at Worldmaker International.

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