Time to Celebrate – Worldmaker 10th Anniversary Jubilee 🎉

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening

(depending on where you might be in our beautiful world),

Worldmaker is dedicated to the business of equipping human resilience beyond borders, and, as you might expect, our team is experiencing fullness in these times. We are excited to share a broad overview of what we’re up to – paired with useful resilience resources, of course!

Celebrate with us!

We are quite amazed to say that this year marks the 10th anniversary of our Worldmaker work: from a community resiliency project to a U.S. nonprofit to an international humanitarian collaborative. This calls for a celebration! While we have been preparing for a live 10th Jubilee this November in Philadelphia (thank you to our named sponsor, Chubb International), we are continuing to remind ourselves that a hallmark of resilience…is flexibility. Stay tuned for more details on how this celebration comes together — and how you can join the party!

Inaugural Worldmaker Honorary Awards

Check out the full list of awards here! 

International Hope Builder

Read more about Hope Builder Dr. Eger.

Learn and grow with us!

Looking for parenting resources?  

Following our Pandemic Parenting virtual programming, we have continued to provide resources for families. Here’s a great one to check out – a conversation with our trusted parenting educator, Dr. Dan Seigel, where he answers questions from our community about parenting through times of stress and social change.

Supporting someone through the challenging withdrawal from Afghanistan?

If you are still processing and managing the impact of the Afghanistan withdrawal, we see you. You are not alone.  See highlights from our series of THRIVE webinars at both Joint Base Andrews (JBA) and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB). We provided imperative support for the most pressing issues for service personnel and families. 

Learn practical strategies to navigate transitions & help others through crises in this conversation with military leaders and community support personnel. Watch now.  

(Note: no endorsement of Worldmaker by the US Department of Defense or Department of State is intended or implied.)

In need of a quick dose of inspiration?

Worldmaker Gratitude!

New Team Member – Katie Foy

We are pleased to welcome Katie as our new Communications Associate. She is an avid yogi and podcast junkie on a mission to cultivate communities of resilience, understanding, and healing by transforming the way society responds to adversity.

LeadingAge Iowa

A special thank you to the caring and dedicated LeadingAge Iowa team and professional caregivers for our seniors – it was a joy to present at your annual conference and your kind words and honest stories of worldmaking in action nourished us.

May these celebrations, resources, and inspirations make you feel more strong and hopeful about the world we’re creating – together!

– Team Worldmaker

Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


Honoring a decade of work with deep roots and strong wings.

As a community resiliency project and national nonprofit building strength across America before, during and after traumatic disruptions, we planted deep roots.

Stepping forward to meet humanitarian needs without borders, we grew strong wings.

We now invite you to JOIN US at Worldmaker International.

There’s a place for you .