Loving Kindness Meditation Dr Mollie Marti

Overheard in the THRIVE Coffee House : Loving Kindness Meditation

Dr. Mollie Marti shares a simple loving kindness practice. “Over the years, through my work with individuals and communities deeply impacted by trauma and loss, I found myself adapting it in ways to help regulate emotions. Repeating these words helped me calm myself and invited others to downshift.” Mollie Marti, co-founder and CEO of Worldmaker Today, I often repeat this simple mantra to myself:“May I be safe. May I feel love. May I have hope. May I breathe with ease.” Join us…

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Jennifer Null

This special presentation, facilitated by Dr. Mollie Marti, shares highlights recorded at the 2018 Trauma & Resiliency Symposium co-sponsored by Tanager Place and National Resilience Institute. Jennifer Null, a therapist and clinical supervisor at Tanager, a behavioral health organization in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, addresses “compassion fatigue” and self-care, especially for counselors and others who practice a high level of professional empathy. How can you better prioritize self-care and create an environment that supports you in doing so? Tune in!

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Jacqueline Koeninger

Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Jacqueline Koeninger, a National Transplant Coordinator for Swiss Transplant, an organization that educates and seeks to increase organ donation rates in Switzerland. Jacqueline also is a longstanding volunteer with the Care Team of the Canton Bern in Switzerland.  Interested in helping others after crisis? Join us for essentials of trauma responses, tips for self-care, and clarity about next best steps.

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