Resiliency Matters TV with Dr David Rakel

Resiliency Matters TV – Dr. Mollie Marti and Dr. David Rakel

David Rakel – Can you use your very presence to promote health and healing in others? Dr. Mollie Marti and Dr. David Rakel, physician and Chair of the University of New Mexico Medical School’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, bring to life lessons from his book, The Compassionate Connection. How you show up may matter even more than what you do. Join us for this important conversation and share it with other caregivers!

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Michelle Bersell

Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Michelle Bersell, a psychotherapist, award winning author, and the creator of the F.E.E.L. Process™ — Feel Every Emotion as Love. Michelle is a former inner city teacher recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for her innovation. How can you learn to connect with and use your emotions to heal and strengthen? Tune in!

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