Resiliency Matters TV

Conversations that help you turn hardship into growth. Join Dr. Marti and various resilience experts on Resiliency Matters to gain practical tools to cope with loss and adversity. Together, we build strong, resilient individuals, families, organizations and communities.

Managing Burnout and Practicing Resilience with Eileen McDargh

Dr. Mollie Marti sits down with Eileen McDargh to discuss burnout and learning to grow through difficult situations. Eileen is CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of The Resiliency Group and author of seven books, including Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters. Tune in and take

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Create a Welcoming Work Environment and Improve Performance with Troy Cicero 

Dr. Mollie Marti speaks with the President of MulticultuReal Communications, Troy Cicero. Together, they tackle difficult subjects such as bullying and inclusion, as well as how to grow self-awareness, empathy and conscious responsibility. Tune in to hear Troy’s personal experience overcoming struggles and taking accountability. Troy & Mollie chat

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Planting Dreams with Tererai Trent

This episode originally aired in 2015 when Worldmaker was still the National Resilience Institute. Dr. Marti talks with Worldmaker’s 2022 Hope Builder Recipient Dr. Tererai Trent, named by Oprah as her “All-Time Favorite Guest”, about her work to build schools in her home village in Zimbabwe. Hear the mantra that

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Going Beyond Equality & Equity to Create Thriving Communities with Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett

Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett, founding Director of Vital Village Networks and Worldmaker’s 2021 Community Weaver Honoree. Join us to learn about trauma-informed, community-based strategies rooted in the dignity of every human that reduce risk and promote child well-being! Did you like this episode? What part

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The Secrets to Lasting Love with Authors Ana & John Mann

Host Mollie Marti talks with Drs. Ana and John Mann, co-authors of The Go-Giver Marriage: A Little Story About the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love. In this episode, Ana and John talk about the importance of showing appreciation and ways to create happy, intentional partnerships. Learn simple, caring, and tangible

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Equipping Community-Based Mental Health Solutions with Thembile Gola

Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Thembile Gola, a graduate student in Clinical Psychology who runs the mental health and resilience programmes for Consolidated Africa Services PVO in Zimbabwe and Worldmaker’s 2021 Promise Leader honoree. Now is the time to equip community-based solutions to meet mental health needs and innovate resilience

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Build Wellness Together with Dylan Tête – Resiliency Matters

Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Dylan Tête, Worldmaker’s 2021 Trailblazer Honoree and founding Executive Director of Bastion Community of Resilience for veterans. Tune in for innovative ways to support transitions, heal trauma and build wellness together. Did you like this episode? What part of this episode resonated with you? We’d

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