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Five-Step Process to Help You Manage Fear In The Moment

Sitting with fear is not about finding a solution, but rather about acknowledging fear instead of suppressing it. Why? Because suppression is not particularly helpful or healthy. The steps below are suggestions for how you can begin the process of allowing yourself to acknowledge and accept your emotions. Take what

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Worldmaker’s History

Every September we recognize #SuicidePreventionMonth. Suicide prevention and awareness have been embedded in Worldmaker’s DNA since its founding as a grassroots community resiliency project over 10 years ago. From a Grassroots Community Resilience Project to the National Resilience Institute Dr. Mollie Marti started the work that has become Worldmaker as

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One Simple Mindfulness Exercise that Everyone Can Do

Mindfulness is a great tool to help you foster a healthy awareness of the emotions you experience. It refers to a balance of attention- not dwelling on or exaggerating the emotion you are experiencing but not ignoring or suppressing it either. Download Worldmaker’s free resource below to grow in your

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Toxic Positivity vs. Realistic Optimism

No one likes a Negative Nellie. On the other hand, a person who constantly tries to sweep the negative under the rug can feel dismissive or perhaps out of touch with reality. Often, this unbridled positivity or refusal to acknowledge the negative can come from a place of discomfort or

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Message from Worldmaker Leadership: Standing with Ukraine

Dear Worldmakers, We stand as witnesses to the extraordinary courage and strength among the people and communities of Ukraine. While missiles are taking lives and demolishing homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces, the indestructible sense of identity and solidarity of the Ukrainian people stand tall for the world to see. These

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Gratitude and Appreciation Prompts to Strengthen Relationships

For the last few years during November, hundreds of worldmakers participated in a social media campaign and spread gratitude like wildfire.  Each day of the month we provided a personal thank you prompt and YOU touched the hearts of people near and far, spreading the goodness of gratitude across the

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