One Thing Resilient People Have In Common

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As we continue to explore the concept and characteristics of those with strong resilience, it is important to understand what underpins their drive. 

Many resilient people have a true appreciation of their WHY; what impact they want to have externally and they are often committed to a cause bigger to them. Having an understanding of your ‘Why’ can help shape direction, meaning, confidence and focus whilst also contributing to building your resilience.

What makes you tick? What motivates you throughout the day to be YOU, to do the things that make you unique? 

Today, Bob poses some challenging and thought-provoking questions to help shape YOUR why… take some time today to work through these and help cement the impact you can have for many years to come. Together, we can get through this. 

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Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


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