Racial Justice Statement

Released: June 20, 2020

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping create a world where all can thrive, Worldmaker stands in solidarity with those around the globe shining a light on issues of racial injustice.

Humans can thrive only in an environment that assures safety, honors our connectedness, embraces diversity and recognizes the dignity of each life.

We thrive together.

Our organization keeps this question front and center: how can we better contribute to meaningful change and support helpers working towards anti-racism in their community?

Where there is racism, there is no justice. Where there is no justice, the right to thrive is held by some, but beyond the grasp of all. The obligation to educate ourselves and communities around the world that human thriving is hindered by the presence of racism or prejudice runs through the core of our work.

Worldmaker commits to:

Use our Voice. The work to dismantle systemic racism, recognize and address acute stress and trauma caused by racism, offer ways to repair and heal, and create vibrant, diverse systems begins with ourselves. Only then can it move out through our organization and into our world. As an ally for human dignity, each of us at Worldmaker stands behind this truth: Black lives matter. We thrive together. We commit to use our platform to uphold this statement as truth for our organization and bring it forth into our community, across our nation and around the globe.

Actively Listen. Since the early days of COVID-19, we opened our virtual THRIVE Coffee House as a safe space to process the challenges of the pandemic. Our coffee chats have expanded to hold the anger, sadness and grief that our worldmaker community felt upon witnessing the death of George Floyd and other racial injustices. Worldmakers come together to listen to one another with respect, vulnerability and honesty so that we can explore how we each can be part of creating lasting change towards our vision of a world where everyone has the right to thrive. In all that we do, we commit to intentionally create and maintain the type of safe spaces needed for conversations that truly can move us forward, where everyone has a chance to speak, listen, learn and experience healing.

Ask for Help. The work of worldmaking begins by looking deeply within ourselves and our organization. We need mirrors and help with this process. As part of this work, our leadership and executive team members committed to a “Healing Racism” training generously provided by Sounds True  with Dr. Tiffany Jana, coauthor of Overcoming Bias, Erasing Institutional Bias, and Subtle Acts of Exclusion. Trainings like these guide us, as individuals and an organization, to uncover places where unconscious bias can undermine our intent to create a vibrant space of diversity, equity, inclusion and mutuality. It is not easy to learn how we might have contributed to the injustices of systemic and unconscious bias. We will do so wholeheartedly and support each other in creating opportunities to do better together.

Offer Help. To the best of our ability, we are expanding our scholarship programs to support traditionally underserved communities. This includes providing THRIVE programming to an academy in our own community whose mission is to instill pride and understanding of the African American culture while encouraging and supporting students towards post-secondary education. We also are engaged in piloting our first Worldmaker School, supporting the development of a charter school with a mission to equip Black students to play pivotal roles in contributing to a society of peace, justice and equity for all. We welcome inquiries and partnership in our efforts to equip youth and community builders with evidence-based tools that they can adapt to their work of helping diverse communities thrive.

Amplify the Voices of Others. We have much more work to do, and we cannot do it alone. We will continue to use our voice to share resources created by trusted partners, such as the National Association of School Psychologists’ social justice resources to guide conversations about racism and support vulnerable students. One area where we seek to grow is amplifying the voices of indigenous and people of color as they lead the way towards culturally-sensitive, vibrant resilience building. If you have ideas about voices you would like to see featured at our THRIVE Coffee House, in our Resiliency Matters TV shows, podcasts, resilience summits, symposiums or other aspects of our platform, please write to us at info@WorldmakerInternational.org.

We need your voices to support our commitment to anti-racism. Our hope is that with your ongoing feedback, we will develop ways to contribute towards visible and measurable change as we help more helpers in historically underserved communities.

Humanity can thrive only when everyone has an opportunity to create a life of connection, meaning and wellbeing. The responsibility for that opportunity rests with each one of us. We renew our commitment to leading with our actions, not resting on our words.

How will you be a worldmaker for others – especially those who most need your support?

We invite you to join us in this work as we seek to be the change we envision for a more just, kind, resilient and thriving world.

Let us step forward, together.

~Mollie Marti, PhD, Worldmaker CEO, alongside our Board and Executive Team