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Pandemic Parenting

We are excited to offer a new virtual program, Pandemic Parenting! Pandemic Parenting provides resilience building tips and practices for parents and families specific to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. See below to learn more about this program and how you can join! 


Virtual Learning Modules

Ten on-demand videos informed by psychology researchers help you tackle some of the most pressing challenges of parenting during a pandemic. They will help you keep a healthy perspective within a changing world and meet the new and increased demands you may be facing- all while you grow and thrive!


Interactive Workbook

A digital workbook accompanying each module helps you transfer learning into practice by giving you structured, step-by-step guidance to apply the strategies discussed in the videos. We think you’ll find that you want to use and reuse your workbook even long after you’ve finished watching the modules!


Resilience Tools

Our resource library holds additional tips and strategies in bite-sized format to help you continue moving forward in growing your capacity for resilience. It also includes activities and tools you can use with your kids to help them strengthen their resilience and build a thriving family environment. 

Program Highlights


Pandemic Parenting was created for parents, by parents and researchers. In preparing this program, we surveyed over 580 parents about what their biggest challenges are right now. Here’s what they said.

What are today’s key challenges?

  • 80% said how to manage stress and prevent burnout
  • 50% said understanding resilience and coping strategies
  • 45% say how to support family, friends, and coworkers

About half of parents surveyed say they need help:

  • Supporting their child’s social and emotional well-being
  • Dealing with changes in schooling
  • Managing their child’s screen time


Modules 1-5 help you build your own resilience. Modules 6-10 help you support your child and build family resilience.

Kick off our Pandemic Parenting series with Dr. Mollie Marti as she discusses:

  • What resilience is and why it matters
  • How to meet this moment as something new is taking shape
  • Mindsets that grow resilience and well-being

Stressful times can leave us with feelings of guilt and shame as we strive for perfectionism that isn’t possible. Module 2 is all about helping you: 

  • Identify negative beliefs about self
  • Rewrite unhelpful thought patterns 
  • Understand and practice self-compassion

When facing big changes, it can be easy to feel like things are spiraling out of control. In module 3, you can learn how to: 

  • Build up a sense of control and agency
  • Let go of things that are outside your reach
  • Take ownership of your life path and actions

Times of unpredictability and high demands can stir up high emotions. Module 4 covers: 

  • The process of emotion regulation
  • Strategies to help keep yourself centered and calm
  • Tools to not take on the stress or emotions of others

How can we tend to our wellness when it feels like all we can do is just keep our head above water? Module 5 discusses: 

  • Wellness as a set of practices that build capacity 
  • Key wellness indicators to help you stay on track 
  • How to make wellness a habit, even when life gets crazy

You can’t hear this enough: at its core, resilience is about relationships. In Module 6, you’ll learn: 

  • Why trusted relationships matter in resilience building
  • How to strengthen relationships for you and your child
  • Tools for building trust in difficult times

The pandemic is shining a spotlight on the expectations you hold for yourself and for your family. Module 7 covers: 

  • The elements of creating high and flexible expectations
  • Practical tips to adapt to the new context being created by the pandemic
  • A process to set family expectations together to support everyone to thrive

Looking to help your child manage their emotions or concerned that the pandemic might be stunting your child’s social development? Module 8 will help you: 

  • Learn the basics of social and emotional development
  • Navigate the helpful and unhelpful of online communities
  • Help your kids practice social and coping skills – even in a global pandemic

With life as we know it changing in drastic ways, we can struggle to find meaning and hope in the day-to-day. In module 9, you will learn: 

  • How to work with the human brain and understand how it is hardwired 
  • Ways to help your child connect, create, and contribute to others
  • The 4 steps to building hope

Beyond figuring out how to survive, we can think about the possibility of helping family members thrive, even through a pandemic. Module 10 helps you create an environment where each person can: 

  • Feel valued, seen, and heard 
  • Laugh and experience joy
  • Flourish as an individual

Who is this for?

We’ve created Pandemic Parenting for any parent or adult who serves as a regular caregiver for children.  

How do I join?

Register (for free!) by clicking the button below! 

*Thanks to a 2020 ECR CARES ACT grant, Pandemic Parenting is freely available to counties within East Central Region, Iowa. 

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