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Pandemic Parenting provides resilience building tips and practices free of cost to parents and families that will help them manage the demands of the pandemic. With quick and easy resilience building-tools, webinars, virtual resilience modules, Pandemic Parenting has something for everyone. See below to learn more!

Parenting Resources

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Online Video Modules

Ten on-demand videos informed by psychology researchers help you tackle some of the most pressing challenges of parenting during a pandemic. A digital workbook for each module helps you transfer learning into practice by giving you structured, step-by-step guidance to apply the strategies discussed in the videos.


Resilience Tools

Our resource library holds additional tips and strategies in bite-sized format to help you continue moving forward in growing your capacity for resilience. It also includes activities and tools you can use with your kids to help them strengthen their resilience and build a thriving family environment. 

Pandemic Parenting Webinar Series

Parenting is tough. Parenting during a pandemic is even tougher. Informed by parents, these webinars help families work through some of the most pressing needs the pandemic has brought. Each 30-minute webinar includes:

  • Techniques for you as a parent
  • Tools to teach your child
  • Time to ask questions and troubleshoot

Dealing with Stress

Learn tips to deal with high demands and help your kids cope with stress. 

Here’s a clip from this webinar. 

In this webinar, we mentioned five tools you can use to help teach your kids coping skills. Find them and many more in our online resource library.

Managing Emotions & Staying Regulated

Learn about how emotions show up in your mind, body, and heart, and how to change them!

Here’s a clip from this webinar. 

In this webinar, we shared a tool to help your kids process their emotions. You can find this and more tools in our online resource library

What to Do When Life Feels Like It's Out of Control

Learn how to get back in the driver’s seat and how to help your child build their sense of control.

Here’s a clip from this webinar. 

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Access all of our free resources by emailing us. Put “Pandemic Parenting Resources” in the subject line and we will send you the full free resource library! 

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*Thanks to a 2020 ECR CARES ACT grant, Pandemic Parenting is freely available. 

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