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Why Our Work Matters

Through our work with many passionate and well-meaning organizations, we have seen that the norm is to implement piecemeal or stop gap measures fueled by a desire to alleviate human suffering. While we understand this desire, our communities deserve and will benefit from supports that truly build strength and capacity in sustainable ways.

COVID-19 Response Programs

Pandemic Parenting

Parenting Parenting

Pandemic Parenting brings FREE resilience building tips and practices for parents and families specific to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. From how to deal with stress to how to manage increased screen time, we’re here to help. 

Educator THRIVE: Pandemic Resilience is designed to equip school staff with tools needed to prepare for, adapt to, and grow within the changing environment caused by COVID-19. Designed to be used in professional learning settings, this program makes it easy for the session leader to provide meaningful content that participants have said is very useful and makes them feel valued. 

Educator THRIVE: Pandemic Resilience

THRIVE Resilience Model™ Training

Learn about different pieces of the THRIVE Resilience Model™ in the videos above!

The THRIVE Resilience Model™, developed by our founder and CEO Dr. Mollie Marti, PhD. is an evidence-informed model that helps you put hands and feet to the resilience building process. In our THRIVE training, we help you understand what resilience is and how to build it, giving you practical strategies to try along the way. Interested in participating in a THRIVE training? 

2020 Impact Report

When a global pandemic hit — on top of mass disasters, race-based brutalities, economic challenges and other disruptions – we were well positioned to help.  We invite you to read this report and be inspired by Worldmaker collaborations unfolding in communities around the globe to keep people safe, connected and strong in the face of great adversity. What role might you play in joining and feeding this work?


Worldmaker International

Celebrating 10 Years of Worldmaking

10th Anniversary JubileeIt is time to celebrate! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the work of Worldmaker International.2021 Worldmaker AwardsJoin us in uplifting individuals and organizations who are actively shaping a stronger, more connected and equitable world.Award RecipientsSupport WorldmakerDonate

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2021 Worldmaker Awards

As part of our 10th Jubilee, we are bringing to life our long-held vision of honoring leaders who express the fullness of our Worldmaker mission. The 2021 Worldmaker Award winners represent individuals and organizations who are actively shaping a stronger,

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