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Why Our Work Matters

Through our work with many passionate and well-meaning organizations, we have seen that the norm is to implement piecemeal or stop gap measures fueled by a desire to alleviate human suffering. While we understand this desire, our communities deserve and will benefit from supports that truly build strength and capacity in sustainable ways.

THRIVE Resilience Model™ Training

Learn about different pieces of the THRIVE Resilience Model™ in the videos above!

The THRIVE Resilience Model™, developed by our founder and CEO Dr. Mollie Marti, PhD. is an evidence-informed model that helps you put hands and feet to the resilience building process. In our THRIVE training, we help you understand what resilience is and how to build it, giving you practical strategies to try along the way. Interested in participating in a THRIVE training? 

Youth & Family THRIVE Training

Youth and Family THRIVE equips those who care for and teach our youth, whether personally or professionally, to support youth in building resilience while gaining skills to manage stress and grow their own wellness along the way. The evidence-informed THRIVE Resilience Model™ has been shown to improve the understanding of resilience, the level of resilience skills and wellness outcomes in teachers, parents and caregivers. We are currently providing Community-based Resilience Workshops, see the big impact here.

Military THRIVE Training

Military THRIVE helps your military community tap its potential to strengthen relationships, build resilience skills and grow capacity to withstand stress and adversity. Using our research-based THRIVE Resilience Model™ as a framework, your community can gain practical tools to help active military, veterans, and military families increase help-seeking, improve wellness, grow resilience and ultimately reduce loss by suicide.

Seniors THRIVE Training

Seniors THRIVE teaches practical, proven practices to intentionally build environments that help caregivers cultivate trusted relationships, manage stress, build hope, cope with adversity, find meaning in hardship, and grow personal resilience skills. Our aging population has unique needs that must be met and supported to realize improved physical, social, and emotional health outcomes. Those who care for older adults, whether personally or professionally, also need support to manage stress, maintain wellness, and be emotionally available as caregivers.

Workplace THRIVE Training

Workplace THRIVE is a virtual professional learning program that helps staff prepare for, adapt to and grow through adversity. Built upon our research-based THRIVE model, this series delivers practical tools and strategies to grow personal resilience and strengthen relationships throughout the workplace.

COVID-19 Response Programs

Pandemic Parenting

Parenting Parenting

Pandemic Parenting brings FREE resilience building tips and practices for parents and families specific to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. From how to deal with stress to how to manage increased screen time, we’re here to help. 

Educator THRIVE: Pandemic Resilience is designed to equip school staff with tools needed to prepare for, adapt to, and grow within the changing environment caused by COVID-19. Designed to be used in professional learning settings, this program makes it easy for the session leader to provide meaningful content that participants have said is very useful and makes them feel valued. 

Educator THRIVE: Pandemic Resilience

2021 Impact Report

As the pandemic continued — on top of mass disasters, race-based brutalities, economic challenges and other disruptions – we were there to receive the calls for help. We listened to and supported concerned and exhausted leaders, teachers, parents and caregivers, providing a light. We met those impacted in ways that strengthened the responders and people in their care.

What role might you play in joining and feeding this work?

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