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How to Change the World? Start. – March Newsletter

Dear Worldmakers, As our world watches thousands of innocent lives being lost and communities obliterated in an unprovoked war in Ukraine, we are hearing more and more people express a sense of helplessness. We understand. It can be easy when something is so big and out of our control to

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The Little Things Matter Most – February Newsletter

Hello Friends! It seems February is moving along swiftly. Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, and many of the grand gestures and Instagrammable moments of the day dedicated to love are behind us. So what remains – and what can be carried forward? Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck wrote in his classic

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Worldmaker – November Newsletter ?

Hi Worldmakers, This month we are celebrating the power and practice of gratitude. One insight I’ve gained during November is that gratitude is not about comparing my situation to another one that could be worse. If I find myself starting a sentence with “at least” it’s a sign that I’m

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Time to Celebrate – Worldmaker 10th Anniversary Jubilee ?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening (depending on where you might be in our beautiful world), Worldmaker is dedicated to the business of equipping human resilience beyond borders, and, as you might expect, our team is experiencing fullness in these times. We are excited to share a broad overview of

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March 2021 newsletter

Connectedness, Involvement and Community – March 2021

Hello Worldmakers, Our theme for March is Involvement, which our THRIVE Resilience Model™ defines as one’s contribution to community through voice and action. Involvement includes participating in key decisions, offering ideas and opinions, and supporting others. Community involvement reflects a fullness of understanding that as you strengthen others, you strengthen yourself.  This

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