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Derecho Recovery

Midwest Derecho Recovery

Hi friends, You might have heard about the recent derecho that, with little notice, blazed a 700 mile swath across Iowa and beyond, demolishing homes, businesses, properties, and crops. This included hurricane like winds up to 140 mph through sections of our home community. Some of our team members are

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Zimbabwe Virtual Resilience Symposium

We invite you to watch the Zimbabwe Virtual Resilience Symposium held Thursday July 30th, 2020 on Developing Human Resilience in Society: The Role of Leaders in Creating the Right Environment. Thank you to co-host Zimpapers TV Network (ZTN) and partners Consolidated Africa Services PVO, ActionAid and the Zimbabwe Resilience Building

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Worldmaker Racial Justice

July Racial Justice

Worldmakers… shining a light on issues of racial injustice in your community and taking action toward a more inclusive, peaceful and just world. We see you. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping create a world where all can thrive – where everyone has an opportunity to create a life

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Anthony Fleg

Dr. Mollie Marti interviews Professor Anthony Fleg, MD, MPH, an award-winning innovator in strengths-based approaches to individual and community wellness from the University of New Mexico Medical School. Dr. Fleg specializes in promoting health within indigenous communities. Need a reminder to play to your strengths — or a fresh perspective

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Hope Edelman

The experience of losing her mother at a young age led Hope Edelman to write books that have sold more than 1 million copies. Dr. Mollie Marti talks with the author of Motherless Daughters, Letters from Motherless Daughters and Motherless Mothers about loss, grief, resilience, healing, and post-traumatic growth. Tune

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Resiliency Matters TV with Dr David Rakel

Resiliency Matters TV – Dr. Mollie Marti and Dr. David Rakel

David Rakel – Can you use your very presence to promote health and healing in others? Dr. Mollie Marti and Dr. David Rakel, physician and Chair of the University of New Mexico Medical School’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, bring to life lessons from his book, The Compassionate Connection.

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Welcome to a new month

Welcome to a fresh new month.

June — while we are preparing for more challenges as we find our way through a global pandemic and champion for peace and justice for all, know that we’re also dedicated to seeing the opportunities for growth that you bring. When facing increased demands, we can keep our focus on: Bolstering

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Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti - Tessy Antony de Nassau

Resiliency Matters Dr. Mollie Marti – Tessy Antony de Nassau

In Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Tessy Antony de Nassau, an international business woman, philanthropist and humanitarian. Tessy’s lessons from her military service, charitable work and as a former member of the Luxembourg royal family will inspire you to dream bigger in service to others. Check out Tessy’s Zoom O’clock

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