New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

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Greetings, Worldmakers!

As 2021 is quickly making clear, the flip of an annual calendar is not the same as a ‘That Was Easy’ reset button.

We each are being invited to discern and craft our own reset button. This might entail letting go of past pain, regrets or missteps – and integrating lessons learned as you continue to write your unfolding story of personal resilience.

This month, Worldmaker team member Kristen Hayes shares 3 Tips for Making a Fresh Start.

Given research indicates that January is the best time for a fresh start, it makes sense to harness this power. Yet, January certainly doesn’t hold a monopoly on reset buttons.

With today’s high demands and quickly changing landscapes, it is wise to remember: a new beginning is available to you at any time.

Check out the 3 Fresh Start tips, each supported by a short video to help you take action.

Any reset will be easier when you seek inspiration and support from others – and will be more meaningful when done as part of a community. We invite you to connect with us on Worldmaker social channels below for daily inspiration and resources – and to invite your friends.

We wish you many moments of goodness and joy in the year ahead – and to feel care in times of need.

We thrive together,

Mollie Marti

CEO, Worldmaker International



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