National Resilience Institute Launches Resource Library for Hope Builders

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National Resilience Institute Launches Resource Library for Hope Builders

The National Resilience Institute serves as a hub for resilience resources that are research-based and simple to implement. We are excited to share this knowledge FREE of charge to support our collective mission to build human resilience. Donations are welcomed to support this service.

Our Resource Library is includes several tools to equip Hope Builders, such as:

  • Full-length episodes of Resiliency Matters TV, where Dr. Mollie Marti and special guests deliver resilience research in bite-size pieces that you can begin using immediately to strengthen yourself and others (thank you to our sponsor Mediacom).
  • Resiliency Matters study guides and a learning template for you to record your most important takeaways.
  • Research-based resilience models and tools.
  • Micro lessons in resilience building.
  • …and more!

We encourage to share this opportunity to learn with NRI throughout the year with your colleagues and friends.



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