Educator THRIVE: Pandemic Resilience

Naming & Pairing

Two self-compassion strategies Mollie shared in Module 2 were Naming and Pairing. In this video, she shares an example of naming an emotion or struggle and then pairing it with other truths that helps paint a broader perspective. 

After watching, think about what needs to be named in your life right now. What thing or emotion are you struggling with? Then pair it with other truths. Some of the most obvious truths are those that you can observe with your senses, but they can also be things like I am physically healthy or I am part of a family that supports one another. Allow those truths to paint a broader picture, a larger perspective in which you have space to take steps away from the struggle you are experiencing. Then think: what is my next best step? 

Pairing our emotions with other truths that surround us- that might be able to provide a little more perspective, a sense of vastness- can allow us to be with what is and have a bit more room to say, "Okay, now what? What's my next wise step and how can I move forward?"



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