Mental Health Recovery and Education with Tim Boughton, KCN, GCM, CStJ

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Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Tim Boughton, Worldmaker’s 2022 Trailblazer award recipient. For the past three years, Tim has served as Colonel for Mental Health Engagement and the mental health lead for the British Army. Tim recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness from Oxford University. In this episode, he speaks on the importance of mental health awareness, especially within the veteran and military family communities. Tune in to learn from Tim’s personal experience with post-traumatic stress, his recovery journey and what we all can do to reduce stigma and encourage others to seek help when needed.

Tim Boughton Chapters:

1:35 – Recognizing trauma.

2:35 – Acknowledging PTSD.

3:50 – Recognizing symptoms.

4:25 – Mental health journey.

5:16 – Knowledge.

7:11 – Mental health labels.

10:17 – Grounding exercise.

11:45 – Mindfulness.

16:21 – Living in the present.

24:30 – Building habits.

25:25 – Making life transitions easier.

27:45 – Healing takes time. 

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