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Kirk Ferguson, who retired after 25 years in the Army, learned the core principles of resiliency through extreme challenges and finds his work with Worldmaker International a fulfilling channel to use his experience to help others. He spent 23 years in special operations, rising through the ranks of the Green Berets as a Special Forces medic, culminating his career as an Operator with 1st SFOD-D, Delta Force, where he completed nine combat tours spanning years of conflict. His military awards include the Soldiers Medal, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, Air Medal, and two Joint Service Commendation Medals. He currently works in the security industry designing and providing ballistic protection. Throughout the trying times, long separations and loss of friends, Kirk has remained inspired by others and determined to live a full life. He lives in South Carolina with his wife of over 25 years and gratefully acknowledges her contributions in raising their two great sons. Kirk looks forward to finding a grateful adventure in every day and spending as much time as possible on two wheels.

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