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Avi Saha, PhD, is an aspiring philanthropist, innovator, business leader, and entrepreneur. Prior to founding and serving as CEO of ZetaOpt, LLC, a software and services company, he held senior IT executive roles at ADP and IBM.  A compulsive visionary, Dr. Saha has made significant contributions in the areas of intelligent systems, autonomic computing and has played a key role in setting the overall industry and IBM direction for many software technologies. He holds a Doctorate degree in Computer Engineering in the area of Artificial Intelligence from the University of Texas at Austin and has over 50 patents and publications to his name. Dr. Saha has served on the board of directors of standards bodies, been an invited speaker in many leading industry forums, and taught as an adjunct faculty at UT Austin serving on Ph.D. dissertation committees.  He lives in New York City.

Avi Saha

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