Managing Burnout and Practicing Resilience with Eileen McDargh

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Dr. Mollie Marti sits down with Eileen McDargh to discuss burnout and learning to grow through difficult situations. Eileen is CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of The Resiliency Group and author of seven books, including Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters. Tune in and take notes as Mollie and Eileen share tips and tools for preventing and managing burnout in yourself and those you love and work with. 

Eileen & Mollie chat about:

0:29 – What is resiliency?

2:31 – Burnout: definition and symptoms 

4:20 – Burnout and resilience 

6:45 – Managing burnout 

8:15 – Managing burnout at work

10:26 – Creating a healthy culture 

11:52 – Finding what is meaningful 

15:53 – Burnout over phases of life 

18:40 – Pandemic impacts 

22:20 – Helping others with burnout 

24:20 – Energy management

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