Look Within and Take Action for a More Just World

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Worldmakers… shining a light on issues of racial injustice in your community and taking action toward a more inclusive, peaceful and just world. We see you.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping create a world where all can thrive – where everyone has an opportunity to create a life of connection, meaning and wellbeing – we stand in solidarity with you. 

Over the years, our organization has actively grappled with this question: How can we better contribute to meaningful change and support helpers working towards antiracism in their community? 

Our Racial Justice Statement highlights that humans can thrive only in an environment that assures safety, honors our connectedness, embraces diversity and recognizes the dignity of each life. Where there is racism, there is no justice. Where there is no justice, the right to thrive is held by some, but beyond the grasp of all. Human thriving is hindered by the presence of racism or prejudice.

We invite you to dialogue any time about this document, which will evolve as we listen, learn and co-create new ways to contribute towards visible and measurable change to help more helpers in historically underserved communities.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the virtual THRIVE Coffee House offered a safe space to explore the challenges and opportunities raised by the pandemic. Attendees processed the anger, sadness and grief felt upon witnessing the murder of George Floyd and other racial injustices. With permission, here are a couple of participants sharing their thoughts:

“I have a tendency to be in that space of feeling very guilty for what I haven’t even realized and all that I don’t know and all that’s happened and feeling very empathic for people of color. And it is a lot to process.”


“I always thought [white privilege] meant that I was financially secure and that’s not what it means, and I’ve learned that. And so I’m educating myself. But I still struggle because I cannot believe that all this happens. None of this makes sense to me, and it hurts my heart.”


At another recent chat, David Richmond, our COO and decorated UK Army veteran, shared his sense of what is needed in the face of police brutality.

“Meeting violence with violence only ever escalates matters. It never makes things better. All it does is makes you more enemies. It doesn’t make you any friends. And we live in a world where we need more friends than enemies. We need to build relationships, not break them down.”

~David Richmond, COO, Worldmaker International

Worldmakers come together to listen to one another with respect, vulnerability and honesty so that we can identify wise next steps toward a collective vision of a world where everyone can exercise their right to thrive. 

How are you honoring yourself with this type of space? 

How are you offering this safe space to others?

It is not easy work to create and maintain the type of space needed for conversations where everyone has a chance to speak, listen, learn and experience healing. But it is worthy and worthwhile work. It is what allows us to create synergies and move forward together. 

This is an extraordinary time to live and lead. We applaud you for all of the ways you seek to be the change you envision for a more just, kind, resilient and thriving world. Ever onward we go.

Author: Mollie Marti, PhD, JD,

Mollie is a psychologist, lawyer and resilience researcher. She serves as CEO of Worldmaker, with a mission of helping humanity thrive together.

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