Improving School Safety, A Coffeeshop Revelation & the Best Books on Burnout – June Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Earlier this month at one of my favorite coffeeshops I overheard a greeting between old friends, one a business owner and the other a school principal. 

The principal asked warmly, “How are you?” The business owner answered with exasperation and a large to-go coffee in tow, “You know, I’m tired of being a business owner. I’m exhausted. I’m grateful my business is booming, but I’m so tired all the time.” The principal nodded in agreement, empathizing, “Mmm, yes. It’s a tough time to be a leader in the workforce. I feel so tired too.” 

The principal continued, “How about your kids? How are they doing?” The business owner responded honestly, “You know, they’re all a varying level of okay right now. My three kids are 17, 15 and 7 and they are each in their own phase of growing up trying to make sense of their worlds. They’re trying to navigate this uncharted, kind-of post-pandemic world.” 

The principal responded, “They aren’t alone. I just talked to my daughter who finished up her junior year in college, you know what she told me was her one and only goal for next year? To make one friend. She just wants to make one friend.”

Overhearing this conversation, I felt a sharp pang of sadness alongside a deep sense of validation and hope. It reminded me that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. People much older, wiser and more experienced than me are feeling the weight of the world. I don’t have to hide this feeling of exhaustion in fear of being perceived as weak, lazy or ungrateful. I can (and should) continue to rest, recharge and refuel in ways that make sense for me. Doing so helps me to show up for myself and others in a way that I’m proud of: patient, understanding, decisive and kind. 

If you’ve been feeling something similar, I invite you to take a couple minutes to recalibrate with the burnout tools and resources in this newsletter

With deep care,

Katie from Worldmaker Team

Practical tips to improve safety and security in your community school from Worldmaker, Michele Gay

After losing her daughter in the Sandy Hook shooting, Michele Gay turned her heartbreak into action. Michele is a passionate advocate for improving school safety and is the co-founder and current director of the nonprofit Safe and Sound Schools. Watch this episode of Resiliency Matters TV for research-based tools and support for crisis prevention, response and recovery. Watch now!

Partner Spotlight: Safe and Sound Schools

Founded by parents who lost children at Sandy Hook, Safe and Sound Schools is a trusted Worldmaker partner. A school safety advocacy and resource center, Safe and Sound Schools is committed to protecting every school and every student. Recently, their expert team assembled toolkits for parents, schools, and members of the media to support youth after tragedy. 

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