How to Parent Amidst a Global Pandemic – November Newsletter

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Hi friends,

In our last newsletter we updated you regarding the derecho that blazed a 700 mile swath across the Midwest, demolishing homes, businesses, properties, and crops. Presented with an opportunity to pivot and serve our fellow Iowans, we stepped into meeting immediate needs of food, water and shelter and worked closely with schools and organizations that sustained structural damage. Once schools were back online, we launched our virtual Educator THRIVE, a resilience education program for educators in the face of elevated demands during the pandemic.

Our educator program is being met with positive reviews and stories of impact. Now it’s time to use our expertise to help more children and families! Today, we are now launching Pandemic Parenting, a program developed as part of a recent $200,000 CARES Act grant awarded to Worldmaker. The virtual program provides practical strategies to help parents meet today’s increased demands, keep a healthy perspective, and respond to their child’s social, emotional, and mental health needs. This programming is currently available at no cost  to parents and families in East Central Iowa.

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CAS Challenge Accepted

Consolidated Africa Services Private Voluntary Organization (CAS), a partner in our July international resiliency summit, used World Mental Health Day on October 10th as a catalyst to lead a 25-day Mental Health Awareness Challenge to raise awareness under the theme of: Mental Health for Everyone, Everywhere- Greater Investment- Greater Access. CAS challenged Worldmaker to help raise awareness and provide education– and we accepted! 

Below Worldmaker board member Kirk Ferguson. a former Green Beret, shares what  helps get his head clear and give him focus. We appreciate how he stepped up to the physical challenge with humor!  Check out our social media to see how other worldmakers came together across human services, business and government to talk about the need for greater access to mental health services.


What exactly is the value of gratitude and how does practicing it play a part in your resilience? Gratitude practices help you reflect on the good rather than overlooking it. They help you manage tough times by reminding you that if you stop and pause, you can find something positive to celebrate because there is some good going on around you, each and every day. 

With social negativity and the extra challenges within a global pandemic, we wanted to come together and remind each other of the good around us. We are doing this by celebrating #26DaysofThanks. So, every day between Nov 1st-26th (US Thanksgiving), we will be sharing gratitudes from Team Worldmaker and activities that can help nurture gratitude. We invite YOU to play along and share good stuff as part of #26DaysofThanks!

In the brief video below, Worldmaker Board Chair David Richmond shares how he uses gratitude when times are tough.

We at Worldmaker are thankful for you. Thank you for all of the ways you support our mission to create a world where all are supported to thrive, even in the face of great adversity.

Take good care and remember — we thrive together!

Team Worldmaker

Coming Up!

  • International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day November 21st- A day dedicated to connection, support and healing for family and friends of those who have died by suicide. With our founding roots in the grief of a community that lost several teens by suicide, we stand ready to support others impacted by this tragic loss. Follow our social media from November 15th-21st for personal stories, tips and resources.
  • Giving December- A month of celebrating worldmakers as givers and provide support and give in ways that strengthen you
  • Worldmaker Pockets of Excellence– Stay Tuned!
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9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


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