Resilience During COVID-19 - Videos

How to be Resilient

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What does resilience mean to you? At this time of great uncertainty during a global pandemic, we are hearing this work used with greater frequency across different platforms. 

What resilience is not… is thinking you need to figure things out yourself or puffing out your chest and pretending everything is fine when really it isn’t. We have some tough situations, critical decisions, and big emotions to deal with here. The strongest people don’t pretend that they always have it together. They allow themselves to be authentic, vulnerable and honest about their range of emotions, relying on a network of support to adapt to and grow through challenges.  Take a moment to think about how you really are… how easy do you find it to ask for help? How quickly do you adapt to setbacks or adversity? 

In this video, Worldmaker speaker, Bob VandePol, explores the true meaning of resilience and shares some great examples of how we can embrace our emotions and get through today’s challenges. We thrive together.



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