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Hi Worldmakers,

This month we are celebrating the power and practice of gratitude. One insight I’ve gained during November is that gratitude is not about comparing my situation to another one that could be worse. If I find myself starting a sentence with “at least” it’s a sign that I’m not yet coming from the fullness of true gratitude.

For example, I’m writing to you because my day just opened up after I awoke to a message that my flight home from London was canceled and was automatically rebooked for tomorrow. Which of these feels more full of gratitude?

Option 1: “At least I’ll be able to write that note for our November newsletter that our team asked for. And I’m grateful I found a place to stay tonight without too much hassle – it could have been a lot worse.”

Option 2: “Another day to experience London — what a gift! And this schedule change also gives me time to write to our fabulous Worldmaker community. This makes my heart happy!” 

While option 1 isn’t bad and is intent on focusing on the good in the situation, option 2 comes from a place of truly connecting with the good within the situation and appreciating it in a way that creates energy and enthusiasm (and yep, you guessed it, resilience). While I was waiting to check into my new lodging, I picked up a few postcards for loved ones back home. Even though I’ll arrive before these cards do, the process of writing these notes was another gratitude practice that improved my day — and will remind the recipients that no matter the physical distance, I carry them in my heart.

Are you ready to practice some gratitude? Worldmaker is making it fun and easy for you to do so this month! Check out our gratitude campaign below or on any of our socials. You can use it to thank someone near and dear, reconnect with a friend or let someone know that they’ve made your life better with their special flavor of worldmaking. 

Have fun playing along and amplifying the type of gratitude that makes our world a more positive and kind place. I am so very grateful for you and for our Worldmaker community!

With gratitude,

Dr. Mollie Marti

Founding CEO, Worldmaker International

Grow in Gratitude

What exactly is the value of gratitude and how does practicing it play a part in your resilience?

Our favorite, and maybe the most unexpected benefit of gratitude is more patience and better decision-making. Who knew? Dive in deeper to the 28 benefits of gratitude and most significant research findings here

Keep reading for fun and easy suggestions to integrate more gratitude into your everyday life.

Thank a Worldmaker

Do you struggle to find the right words to say to express appreciation for the incredible people in your life? Don’t worry, Worldmaker has you covered. Join Worldmaker on social media throughout the month of November in spreading gratitude and appreciation for the everyday Worldmakers in YOUR life. Tag someone special that reflects the daily #Worldmaker gratitude.

Keep a gratitude journal

Write down three things you are grateful for every day. They don’t have to be big or flashy. Gratefulness is about appreciating what is meaningful to YOU. Worldmaker finds that this practice works best when you make it part of your daily routine.  Kristen, Worldmaker Research & Education manager, likes to record her gratitudes right before bed each night. Here is Kristen’s gratitude journal entry from Monday:

What's Up At Worldmaker

Youth & Family

As a part of our work with youth and family, we’ve begun piloting a new program called Schools THRIVE to help equip school staff to foster resilience in students. This program is not your average professional development seminar. It provides relevant content, real-life suggestions for application and opportunities to engage in peer learning. Here’s a sneak peak, just for our newsletter subscribers. 


Worldmaker facilitators finished up a four part webinar series with Joint Base Andrews and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Participants noted this Military THRIVE webinar series provided both new information and helpful strategies to put the information into action. The series covered crucial components of resilience including sleep, nutrition and wellness; managing personal and work stress; communication in stressful situations; and building trusted relationships. Want more military resilience resources? We’ve got you covered, click here.

10th Anniversary Jubilee

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the work of Worldmaker International. In partnership with our board members, we elected to move our anniversary celebration to March 2022. This later event date will allow us to continue practicing caution around COVID-19 safety while preparing an exciting Jubilee celebration for you! More details to come. Give today!

Speaking of gratitude, we are so thankful that you’re here. Each of you brings unique perspectives, inspiring stories and necessary contributions that create a rich and diverse Worldmaker community. Okay, that’s all for now. 

Be well Worldmakers!

In case you missed it . . .

Supporting Military Communities After Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Last month Worldmaker CEO sat down with military experts to discuss the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Learn practical strategies to navigate transitions & help others through crises. Watch now.  

(Note: no endorsement of Worldmaker by the US Department of Defense or Department of State is intended or implied.)

Dr. Mollie Marti, Worldmaker CEO, was recently interviewed for a series on becoming more resilient during turbulent times. Mollie shares about surviving cancer, growing up in Iowa and much more.

Read the full article here.

Worldmaker Award Honorees

As part of our Jubilee, we are honoring an exceptional group of Worldmakers who are sure to inspire and inform your own Worldmaking.

See the award categories and stay tuned for Resiliency Matters TV episodes featuring Worldmaker Award Honorees.

Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


Honoring a decade of work with deep roots and strong wings.

As a community resiliency project and national nonprofit building strength across America before, during and after traumatic disruptions, we planted deep roots.

Stepping forward to meet humanitarian needs without borders, we grew strong wings.

We now invite you to JOIN US at Worldmaker International.

There’s a place for you .