Exclusive Resilience Resource, Communities Role in Child Well-Being and Trailblazers – April Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

This month we are reminded of the power of community to ensure all members of society, especially our young people, are cared for, respected and included in meaningful ways. 

The process of worldmaking is one of helping people create a world that provides a sense of safety, belonging, meaningful contribution and collective thriving.  You – me – each of us has an important part to play in sewing the tapestry of community resilience.

Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett, our inaugural Community Weaver honoree, envisions this world vividly. In a recent Resiliency Matters TV show, she noted that her personal fuel is a commitment “to a deeply held belief in the marrow of my bones that every child has so much to offer and it is our society that is really responsible for creating conditions that allow a village to support every child’s promise and potential.”

This might or might not have been the point when I invited her to announce her candidacy for president…  #sorrynotsorry

How can you help shape and build this world that we dream of so that it becomes a reality for all of our children to fulfill their purpose, promise and potential?

How can you help to create a world where all are supported to thrive — one community, one adult and one child at a time? 

We welcome your input! And be sure to check out Renée’s interview!

We THRIVE Together, 

Dr. Mollie Marti & Team Worldmaker

We appreciate our Worldmaker community and aim to create inspiring and helpful monthly newsletters that provide you with tangible resources to help your family, neighborhood, community and our world become more resilient. As a special thank you, we created a free, downloadable resource exclusively for you – our newsletter subscribers! Learn specific actions to help you practice each component of the THRIVE Resilience Model™.

Worldmaker Spotlight - Going Beyond Equality & Equity

Everybody has the right to thrive and this promise is fulfilled within community. Worldmaker’s Community Weaver Award is presented to a community-based collaborator who is fostering social trust by celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and cultivating a sense of mattering for all. We are thrilled to honor Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett as our inaugural Community Weaver award recipient and uplift her work as the founding director of Vital Village, which is working across Boston to support human thriving through community-based strategies and amplifying this work through the NOW forum.  

Tune in to the latest episode of Resiliency Matters TV for a dynamic, inspiring conversation about what is possible for our children. Watch now!

What's Up at Worldmaker?

We currently are focused on providing a series of “bite-sized”, standalone community-based resilience workshops using the THRIVE Resilience Model™, a time-tested framework that helps people prepare for, adapt to and grow through adversity. The evaluations from the workshops are showing big impact — with over 90% of adult participants reporting they gained new tools to help youth explore values, set & pursue goals and persevere through setbacks. See more outcomes from the workshops here.

If your community could benefit from this type of programming (hint: it could!), contact us at info@worldmakerinternational.org to learn more about helping your community increase social cohesion and resilience, one small yet impactful step at a time. 

Ways to Engage

Mutuality: One of Worldmaker’s mottos is “give what you can and get what you need”. When you sign-up to become a Trailblazer, we’ll send you an exclusive pack of Worldmaker’s personalized appreciation cards to strengthen you as you generously help strengthen others.

Trailblazers are a passionate and committed group of giverswho make automatic donations each month that provide resilience programming and crisis response support to communities in need. Join the fun – and the impact making!

Watch: Going Beyond Equality & Equity to Create Thriving Communities with Dr. Renée Boynton-Jarrett

Read: Realistic Optimism vs. Toxic Positivity: What’s the difference and how to be a realistic optimist 

Read: Honoring Human Dignity to Increase Wellbeing to weave community, focus on strengths, embrace diversity and more 

Tell us: Do you know someone who is making a positive difference? Are YOU that person helping improve your own little corner of the world? We would love to hear more and potentially feature you in the “Worldmaker Spotlight” series. Email us at info@worldmakerinternational.org with the subject line “Worldmaker Spotlight Nomination”. 


Introduce: Do you know an organization or community seeking strengths-based, trauma-informed resilience education? We invite you to introduce them to Worldmaker by forwarding them this newsletter. We THRIVE together! 

Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


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