We THRIVE Together

Educator THRIVE

This program is designed to equip school staff with tools needed to prepare for, adapt to, and grow within the changing environment of the pandemic. This is not a standard training intended to check off a staff development box. Rather, in close partnership with school professional learning staff, this program delivers practical tools and resources for staff well-being as we navigate life within the pandemic. Our team would love to work with you in bringing Educator THRIVE to your school!

What's Included?


Video Modules

Ten brief (15-minutes-or-less!) modules address core aspects of personal and team resilience and well-being within the COVID-19 environment.


Facilitation Guide

The group facilitation guide provides questions to help educators discuss with their coworkers how to apply and practice what they are learning.


Interactive Workbook

An interactive workbook helps participants put information from each module into practice and serves as an ongoing resource.


Weekly Tips

A 10-week series of encouragement and motivation straight to educators’ inboxes to help them keep up the work of resilience building.


Resilience in Action Toolkit

A mixed-media library offers simple, bite-sized tools that can be used right away to bolster resilience.



Our Worldmaker Team will come alongside professional learning staff to help make this as effective as possible for your district or school.    

Program Highlights

Impact of Educator THRIVE
  • 9/10 educators say that Educator THRIVE helped them learn how to improve their well-being and resilience
  • 80% say that the content was practical and useful for them as an educator.
  • Twice as many staff said their skill and knowledge in resilience was very good or excellent after the training compared to before.
Participants Say...
Key Topics
  • Clarify professional learning goals 
  • Understand THRIVE Resilience Model™ framework 
  • Create context for COVID-19 challenges and opportunities
  • Know the four pillars of well-being
  • Connect four pillars to shared human needs
  • Learn practices to strengthen pillars
  • Understand personal wellness and why it matters 
  • Identify gaps in your care of self
  • Create a wellness plan
  • Discover the power of expectations
  • Identify the narratives that direct your  expectations 
  • Set realistic (and flexible) expectations 
  • Identify fears moving into this school year 
  • Plan to respond to fears if/when they are realized 
  • Learn strategies for coping with fear
  • Understand your stress response system 
  • Learn 3 key steps for responding to crisis moments
  • Practice tempering your reactions for more effective response
  • Understand the key components and phases of trust 
  • Learn keys to building trust within your school team
  • Own your role in taking actions that build others’ trust in you 
  • Understand critical differences between blame and accountability 
  • Learn how resilient teams promote personal ownership  
  • Practice ways to reduce blame and promote teamwork
  • Understand how social support contributes to thriving teams 
  • Learn collaborative mindsets to help create solutions
  • Identify ways in which you can support and be supported

Who is this for?

Schools or districts that are looking to:

  • Recognize on a human level the difficult place the pandemic has left their staff 
  • Provide their staff with resources to build their resilience
  • Support a culture of thriving for their staff

How do I join?

Tell us a little more about how we can help and our team will get back to you shortly!


Administrators Say...