Creating a Human-Centered Society with Cognitive Science and Empathy with Michael O’Bryan 

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Dr. Mollie Marti talks with Worldmaker’s 2022 Promise Leader Honoree, Michael O’Bryan. Among many things, Mike is a brilliant researcher, DEI thought leader and the founder of humanature, a design firm that helps organizations put humans in the center of their work. Tune in to this dynamic episode of Resiliency Matters as Mike reflects on his path of bringing together cognitive science, system dynamics, community-building, art, wellbeing, history and human development to help you heal and strengthen our world. 

Michael O’Bryan Chapters:

 6:59 – Finding value in yourself

8:38 – Deprogramming Dehumanization

10:20 – Being Intentional.

10:56 – Schedule Joy.

13:28 – Practice Curiosity. 

23:16 – Respecting Others. 

23:51 – Rethinking Adolescence.

25:10 – Sitting with Grief

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