March 2021 newsletter

Connectedness, Involvement and Community – March 2021

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Hello Worldmakers,

Our theme for March is Involvement, which our THRIVE Resilience Model™ defines as one’s contribution to community through voice and action. Involvement includes participating in key decisions, offering ideas and opinions, and supporting others.

Community involvement reflects a fullness of understanding that as you strengthen others, you strengthen yourself. 

This month’s guest blog by Dr. Brenda Eheart, author of Neighbors: The Power of the People Next Door, shares A Story about Grandfriends: How Community Involvement Can Help Seniors Thrive

As Brenda reminds us, “Social connectedness and community involvement are two of the most powerful determinants of health and well-being, while loneliness hastens the declines that come with age.” 

Personally, my family has been focusing on these pieces of connectedness and involvement to support loved ones (and neighbors!) through the pandemic, especially with my father-in-law who contracted COVID-19 after a fall sent him to a nursing home. 

How might you help others increase social connection and community involvement through your own acts of care and kindness? Read more.

Join us throughout March as we share research and ideas for using involvement to strengthen others – from childhood through the senior years.

We thrive together,

Mollie Marti & Team Worldmaker 

 In this Resiliency Matters TV, Dr. Mollie Marti and author Dr. Brenda Eheart talk about growing personal and community resilience through intentional neighboring, offering special pandemic-related tips

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