Collaboration & Transformation at the 2022 Resilience Symposium – August Newsletter

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“This was good. You said some things today that were helpful to me. Thank you.”

“Tell me more…”

And so the conversation continued after our International Resilience Symposium in Zimbabwe wrapped as I was approached by a nurse from a local hospital. She helped me understand her starting point for applying what she learned. Her questions and insights acting as seed-planting in guiding the resilience forward.

Looking around the room, I saw small groups of symposium participants gathered in similar conversations and explorations. Whole-hearted collaboration and vulnerable conversations like these serve as the heartbeat of cross-cultural and community resilience work.

Kudos and gratitude to our presenters, including the Zimbabwe ministry officials who prioritized traveling from Harare (via a flight or 12-hour drive) to inform this conversation. We appreciate the Victoria Falls participants bravely sharing how the impacts of the pandemic on tourism and mental health are playing out in their workplaces and lives. And thank you to the 14 symposium guests from the U.S. We value everyone’s contributions to this important conversation!

We thrive together,

Mollie Marti, Worldmaker CEO

What's Up Worldmaker?

A group of Worldmakers, including four passionate school psychologists, spent time at Khulani Special School in South Africa learning about the triumphs of person-centered education and challenges of destigmatizing disability. Read more about their experience and the future of this partnership here.

In the US, the end of August signals the beginning of another school year! Worldmaker equips school staff with tools needed to prepare for, adapt to and grow within the changing environments and high demands of teaching in the 21st century. Reach out to us to learn more about bringing THRIVE to your school or university!

Recently our founder facilitated a special THRIVE Training for faculty and staff at her alma mater, Loras College.

Worldmaker Spotlight: Thembile Gola

Student clinical psychologist, 2021 Worldmaker Award recipient, mental health programming leader for Consolidated Africa Services and a Level 1 certified THRIVE Trainer, Thembile Gola inspires many with her vision, persistence and deep passion for mental health. Thembile took the lead in organizing our Resilience Symposium, where she provided resilience tools to her colleagues.

Prior to the symposium, Thembile sat down with Mollie on Resiliency Matters TV to discuss community-based mental health solutions. In the clip below, Thembile shares her knowledge on working together to build a better world and being the change that we all need. 

ReadReflections and key takeaways from the 2022 Resilience Symposium on our blog.

 WatchThis short clip of participants from the 2022 Resilience Symposium sharing their personal definitions of resilience.

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