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What’s Your Word? Event

Show up as you are.
Connect with others.
Get help from a certified My Intent facilitator utilizing resources from the MyIntent Project.
Receive a minted bracelet or bookmark with YOUR word!  

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Coffeehouse Chats Join us for resources, conversation and guided wellness practices. Our Worldmaker community seeks to create a space for you to get what you need and give what you can. All are welcome.

What: A virtual coffeehouse where we serve up a good dose of calm, hope and positivity alongside your cup of coffee/tea. Our baristas, joined by fab guests, will provide some resilience insights or tools, followed by a good chat.

Who: You! And an international team of human resilience thought leaders dedicated to helping you thrive in today’s world.  Worldmaker baristas include Dr. Mollie Marti (US) and David Richmond, CBE (UK), joined by special guests.

Where: Worldmaker Cafe (Register in advance for the meeting) Join us below to stay connected and receive updates on all Coffeehouse events. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

Why: There is a lot going on in our world, especially with the current pandemic. While building skills to deal with life’s challenges is essential, the greatest support we can give is our presence. At the Worldmaker THRIVE Coffeehouse, we offer you both. Whether you are focused on getting through today or thinking about what you might want your world to look like on the other side of today’s adversity, we’ll be having a cup of tea if you’d like to stop by for a chat.

Our BIG Why: We thrive together.

Worldmaker: A positive, wholehearted, trailblazer dedicated to creating a world where all can thrive.

Treat a friend to coffee at the THRIVE Coffeehouse. 

Buy someone a virtual cup of coffee or tea! For essentially the price of a cup of coffee, you can support us to continue to provide these free services. Tips are also welcome in the THRIVE Cafe.

THRIVE Coffee House

Coffeehouse Raves

Coffeehouse Ravs

Coffeehouse Raves

What others are saying about their experiences attending the coffee talks. Please feel free to share your experiences with us.

Overheard in the THRIVE coffeehouse

Lisa Cherry

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Checkback often as we will be building a library of the tweetable goodness shared during our THRIVE coffee time. Please feel free to share/tag us on social or invite a friend to join us.

THIRVE Cafe Resources

Worldmaker International

Look Within and Take Action for a More Just World

Worldmakers… shining a light on issues of racial injustice in your community and taking action toward a more inclusive, peaceful and just world. We see you. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping create a world where all can thrive

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Featured Resources

Youth Builders:

Helping Youth Thrive: Understanding Resilience and Why It Matters (in partnership with global learning company Pearson’s Connections Academy) click to read the article

Living Alongside COVID-19 with Dr. Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy and author of Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs

Crisis Leadership with General Jeff Buchanan (US Army, Ret) and crisis responder Bob VandePol 

Five Success Principles That Matter More than Ever with Bob Burg, co-author of the bestselling The Go-Giver series 

Thriving through Crisis with Tessy Antony de Nassau, formerly Princess Tessy of Luxembourg

Resilience Summit

9th Annual Resilience Summit: Leading in a Post-Covid World


Honoring a decade of work with deep roots and strong wings.

As a community resiliency project and national nonprofit building strength across America before, during and after traumatic disruptions, we planted deep roots.

Stepping forward to meet humanitarian needs without borders, we grew strong wings.

We now invite you to JOIN US at Worldmaker International.

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