Choosing to Celebrate 2020

Choosing to Celebrate 2020

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For the past several months, we have been called on to live in unfamiliar ways, often physically distanced from family and friends. 

There is great benefit in choosing to find and celebrate the good within dark times — and we amplify the benefit by celebrating together.

What has this looked like for you?

In my world, focusing on the good helped me treasure even more the memories made when my youngest daughter accompanied me to London to teach the last live THRIVE Workshop before our world hit a big pause button. It invited me to find new ways to celebrate my oldest daughter’s accomplishments when she couldn’t walk the graduation stage (before she set out for her first year as a middle school teacher!), Our son’s return from San Francisco to work from home gifted us a few months of having our whole family together again – a celebration in its own right.

We each have the power to flip on a light switch to shine within the dark – for ourselves and others. 

We dedicate this last month of a most unusual year to being and bringing the light.

Be inspired by a story of some special worldmakers doing this for their family.

If you need help harnessing the power of gratitude and celebration in your life, our brand new Pandemic Parenting program delivers practical, proven strategies in bite-sized pieces – and it’s our gift to you yet this year. 

The darker the day appears, the greater the opportunity to be a voice of hope, resilience and unity. 

Beam by beam, let us join our lights to show us all the way to better times ahead.

We thrive together,

Mollie Marti 

CEO, Worldmaker International

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