Celebrating 10 Years of Worldmaking

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It’s celebration time! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the work of Worldmaker International, a human resilience nonprofit that provides research-based education to equip community-based teams to help people prepare for, adapt to and grow through the emotional and mental toll of dealing with adversities.

Founded in eastern Iowa over a decade ago as a resiliency project after the tragic loss of young lives to suicide, Worldmaker has grown to support hundreds of service organizations, educational institutes, corporations, healthcare organizations and military and Veteran communities in over 23 nations, most notably through our THRIVE resilience programs.

As part of our 10th Jubilee celebrations, we are bringing to life our long-held vision of honoring leaders who express the fullness of our Worldmaker mission. The 2021 Worldmaker Award winners represent seven individuals and organizations who are actively shaping a stronger, more connected and equitable world. 

The Nomination Committee, consisting of current and former board and executive team members, selected the winners who are walking in true Worldmaker fashion as positive, wholehearted trailblazers dedicated to creating a world where all are supported to thrive.

The Hope Builder is presented to an individual who responded to great adversity with courage and hope, showing us how to transform our own heartbreak into a better world for others.

A beacon of hope and vitality, Dr. Eger is a clinical psychologist, sought-after lecturer, and author of the international bestseller, The Choice: Embrace the Possible, a remarkable personal account of overcoming anger and shame to ultimately thrive through adversity. In her newest book, The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life, she draws on her personal and professional experience to help people heal from challenges that we all face and can keep us from living fully. 

We are delighted to uplift Dr. Eger and her work to help humanity move forward with hope. Congratulations, Dr. Eger! Stay tuned as 94-year-old Dr. Eger joins Worldmaker CEO, Dr. Mollie Marti, for a special episode of Resiliency Matters TV

Follow along on social media as we announce more award winners and celebrate their inspiring contributions to the human resilience movement.



Honoring a decade of work with deep roots and strong wings.

As a community resiliency project and national nonprofit building strength across America before, during and after traumatic disruptions, we planted deep roots.

Stepping forward to meet humanitarian needs without borders, we grew strong wings.

We now invite you to JOIN US at Worldmaker International.

There’s a place for you .