Pandemic Parenting

Building Hope: Internal Movie

In Module 9, Dr. Mollie Marti explained that although hope may seem like an ambiguous word to many of us, it can be built through tangible thought processes and actions. In addition to the steps she shared, here’s another short exercise you can use. Keep reading below for information about this tool!

Missed the hope building process? 

Find it at minute 13:46 in Module 9 with more details in the workbook!

Creating an Internal Movie

You are going to create a short movie script from the perspective of a goal. The script will show the challenges and obstacles that the main character (the goal) will face, as well as the support that it receives. The end of the movie will show what it looks like when the goal reaches the finish line. 

Start by filling out the brainstorming template, and look below for examples. When you’re done brainstorming, write the script. You also might draw a comic book or find a different creative way to express your story!

The Main Character 

Getting a driver’s license 


Finding an instructor, not having someone available for you to drive with, getting an appointment at the DMV


Family friends helping you get practice time, saving money to go through a course, reminders to plan in advance to get an appointment

The Achievement

Passing the test, and getting the license in the mail, going on your first solo drive

Learn how to play a song on an instrument
Getting frustrated, having other responsibilities that get in the way of practicing, not being motivated

Encouragement from a music teacher or friend that you’re doing well, getting help setting aside time to practice, reminders of why you wanted to do this

Playing the song for your family and friends, feeling the sense of accomplishment from completing the challenge

Making a sports team

A physical injury, not having the equipment or space to practice, thinking you’re not good enough

Learning exercises or practices to help speed up recovery, someone else lending you their equipment, someone reminding you of the accomplishments you’ve already made

Working hard at team practices, playing in your first game, making your parents or coach proud



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