Addressing Military Mental Health Stigma with Mindfulness: Tim Boughton Honored as 2022 Trailblazer Award

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Tim Boughton, a former military helicopter pilot who served as Colonel of Mental Health Engagement and the lead for mental health in the British Army for the past three years, serves as a member of Worldmaker’s Development Committee. We are proud to announce that Tim is this year’s recipient of the Trailblazer Award, presented to a Worldmaker partner for their innovation and outstanding service to the human resilience field, resulting in new pathways for many.

Tim has received several elite honorary designations (KCN, GCM, CStJ) recognizing his military and charitable service to his nation. He recently completed his Masters Degree in Mindfulness from Oxford University and continues to conduct research about the impacts of mindfulness in strengthening the military community.

Tim’s life shows a deep dedication to helping people co-create a world of thriving within modern day living – with all of its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. He is driven by a belief that it’s our shared duty to help people who are struggling and that collaboration is needed to find better, evidence-based ways to do this better.

Passionate about reducing stigma that prevents people from seeking help for mental health issues, he leads with vulnerability by sharing his own personal experience of early childhood adversity and the impact of losing many mates through military service. He emphasizes the importance of keeping families and children front and center in any conversation about mental health and providing personnel with resilience tools on day one of their careers to help them deal with their past experiences and manage what’s coming. 

Judicious in using the term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a label or limitation, Tim prefers to talk about the normal responses to trauma and stress that we can deal with and minimize best we can. His work helps organizations reduce the stigma around admitting weakness and create a greater sense of psychological safety so people can ask for help when needed. Hear more about Tim’s story on Resiliency Matters TV.

Here is a brief acceptance message from Tim.

A trailblazer is a unique type of leader – holding a clear vision of possibilities while navigating and guiding others through current realities, step by step. Kudos and congratulations to Tim Boughton for walking out this type of leadership with humility, mindfulness and great impact for many.

Written by Mollie Marti, Worldmaker Founder and CEO

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