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Andrews Airforce Base

Why our work matters

Through our work with many passionate and well-meaning organizations, we have seen that the norm is to implement piecemeal or stop gap measures fueled by a desire to alleviate human suffering. While we understand this desire, our communities deserve and will benefit from supports that truly build strength and capacity in sustainable ways.


The coronavirus pandemic presents significant challenges for all of us, including for the helpers under our care.  We are working remotely, are transitioning many of our trainings, certifications and events to take place virtually.

We remain committed to our essential work of helping the helpers strengthen themselves and others. Please contact us or reach out to any team member to talk about current projects or explore how we might help you meet emerging challenges facing you or your organization. The need for research based human resilience skills building has never been greater and we are here to help.

Take good care of yourself and others and remember:

We are excited to offer a new virtual program, Pandemic Parenting! Pandemic Parenting brings resilience building tips and practices for parents and families specific to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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