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worldmaker vision is to thrive together through adversity

Our Vision

A world prepared to thrive through adversity. 

Worldmaker Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We hold an unshakeable belief in human potential. We all have the right to thrive. Pairing research with a voice of calm, hope and positivity, we can build stronger, more resilient organizations and communities capable of thriving through adversity. While individually we are unable to solve today’s pressing social problems, united we can make the world – our world – a better place for all. We thrive together.

Workmaker Story

What We Do

  • Convene experts to create narratives of thriving and needed field tools. 
  • Serve as the premiere global resource for human resilience education.
  • Direct the National Resilience Institute (US) and help communities around the world prepare for and respond to disruptions.
  • Commission academic research and translate the findings into freely available resources.
  • Lead global professional development experiences that strengthen helpers and vulnerable communities.

Our Values

Whole-hearted: We commit; we’re builders; we care.
We bring vision; we bring purpose; we bring hope.
Trailblazers: We innovate; we’re experts; we lead. We do everything with integrity.

Why Worldmaker Work Matters

Why Our Work Matters

We live in turbulent times. Too often, when bad things happen, structures that help people cope are not in place. People are suffering unnecessarily. Worldmaker International is the NGO that equips leaders and helpers to thrive and to unleash the power of human potential. We shape academic work understood by the few into practical tools used by the many.

Founders of Worldmaker


Worldmaker International is directed by an esteemed international Board of Directors and operates under the leadership of Mollie Marti, PhD, JD (USA) and David Richmond, CBE (UK). For inquiries, email us.


Our Board and Executive Team collaborate closely, leading with clarity of vision and
generating impact that provides donors with a strong return on their philanthropic investments.

Dr Mollie Marti

Mollie Marti, PhD, JD

Chief Executive Officer

a human resilience pioneer who trains and consults internationally to create cultures that support people to thrive. Read More

Liz Coenen

Liz Coenen

Chief operating officer

a leadership consultant and philanthropic leader from Minnesota, US.  Read More


David Richmond, CBE

WMI board chair

a former British Army Officer who is passionate about advising other nations on developing recovery services.  Read More

Ivy Kusinga

Ivy Kusinga

WMI vice-chair

the Sr. Vice-President and Chief Culture and Talent Officer for Chubb from Pennsylvania, US.  Read More

Jeff Buchanan

Jeffrey Buchanan

WMI Board Member

Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Ret.) from Arizona, US. Read More

Kirk Ferfuson

Kirk Ferguson

WMI Board Member

Special Forces ODA Team Sergeant (Ret.) from South Carolina, US. Read More

Niranjan Karnik, PhD

Niranjan Karnik, MD, PhD

WMI Board Member

the Vice Chair for Innovation at  Rush Medical College from Illinois, US.  Read More

Rod Knecht

Rod Knecht

WMI Board Member

Chief of Police (Ret.) from Edmonton, Canada. Read More

Chuck Peters

Chuck Peters, JD

WMI Board Member

an author and former CEO of The Gazette Company from Washington, US. Read More

Avi Saha

Avi Saha, PhD

WMI Board Member

the Founder and CEO of ZetaOpt from New York, US.  Read More

April Smith JD

April Smith, JD

WMI Board Member

a Managing Attorney for the State of Texas child support office in Texas, US. Read More

Tessy Anthony

Tessy Antony – de Nassau

WMI Board Member

a Humanitarian and Founder of the Finding Butterflies Consultancy from London, UK.  Read More

Bob VandePol

Bob VandePol, MSW

WMI Board Member

the Executive Director, EAP at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services from Michigan, US. Read More